Somaliland to go or not to go London conference

Never trust the British with your fate. Never! From Palestine and Israel to Kashmir and Pakistan to Rhodesia and South Arica, all the way to Haud and reserved Area the Foreign office and its bureaucrats were all throughout history on the wrong side of issues. Britain always left a legacy of trouble.

It has no history of ever solving one. Did you ever detect the true colours of Tony Blair before the Iraq war? Jomo Kenyatta once said “My British friends came to our land with a Bible in their hands. They told us to shut our eyes for a moment. When we opened our eyes, they had the land and we had the Bible.“ Such is the British treachery. They are telling us now to shut our eyes. Trust the Americans. They always mean what they say. Do not ever get caught by the hypocrisy that built an empire through sheer cunning and deceit.

Well, all this would not have happened had the Somaliland government gave to the British officials the standard answer that we had for the world since the first day of the existence of Somaliland - Somaliland will only negotiate with a one government in the South. Our present government tried to be clever. They also needed some assistance for our cash strapped little country. They went to London and to the horror of everybody in Somaliland our Government was in the same table with Puntland and Gslmudug. Silanyo and his Government did in one step to reduce the standing of Somaliland from a De Facto country to the status of a clan or subclan. They accepted to be In the same protocol with Majeerteen (Puntland), Habar/Gidir Saad (Galmudug) Habar/ Gidir Ayr (Ahlu Suna Wa Jamaa). They again did the same in Nairobi.
Then all disaster followed. Our clever government were not so clever after all. It was a classic case of the hyena dating the wrong guy. Maybe they got a little cash, but they threw away the demand that we be treated as what we are: a NATION and no other way. Nobody took us seriously after that. Now we are being expected to come to London again and the President t himself has to appear and sit in the same line with Puntland and Galmug presidents as a representative of a region called Somaliland that is in Somalia. Sh. Shariif will be seated among the world leaders. Siilanyo being a member of other regional delegations from Somalia will be sitting behind him.
What a disgrace!! Imagine seeing that picture in the CNN and the BBC.
Apart from the external affairs fiasco it caused, the downgrading of Somaliland to level of Majeerteen, Saad and Ayr has also caused an internal disintegration. Every political opportunist now wants to go to the Conference of the clans in London. This would not have happened had we not participated two of the first four preparatory meeting. Had we stayed out altogether as we always used to (before we started to be clever) , no one from Somaliland would have dreamed neither Khatumo nor Awdal nor Makhir nor others that are in pipeline.
By downgrading the status of Somaliland Mr. Silanyo has opened a Pandora box. I Quote here Faisal Waraabe commenting when on the first time that we participated the London preparatory Conference. He Said “Mr Silanyo Listen .You are My president only in the context of Somaliland. Outside that you are not . If you go again to a table where Somali clans are meeting. Yes Listen . You only represent your sub-clan ,and I will go representing mine” That is what Faisal said that day.
Now are you surprised at Ali Khaliif ? In the name of fairness let us give the devil his due.

Now what we need is sobriety and level headedness. Qualities we lack so much now in Somaliland. Let us weigh arguments for or against going to London.

Those who say let us go are stating their case like this. Forty or more world leaders are coming. Somaliland will have a golden opportunity to state its case to the international audience and it’s a chance we cannot miss. That would have been a very strong argument if the question of Somaliland and its future was in the Agenda. World leaders who are coming where not made aware of a discussion about Somaliland. How different it is, how good it is and how it needs to be recognized? The Agenda is clear. It is about Piracy, Shabaab , Famine and the formation of a National inclusive Government.

Nowhere in the Agenda is Somaliland mentioned good or bad.

On the contrary the preamble of the Agenda stated that the Territorial Integrity of Somalia will be maintained. Sh. Shariif and his Government will be speaking to the delegates representing all the Somali delegates there including us. Regional presidents will not speak. If World leaders give Regional presidents a photo op that is the best they can get out of the conference. I hope that is not what our leaders want. A picture with Dave Cameron.!! That can be arranged by one Somalilander who is a resident at the Prime Ministers riding in UK.

Now let us look at the other side of the coin. I believe if we do not go to the conference in London, the British Prime Minister will not be happy. He will be angry at his lower officials that they let him down. That the International community will see that the conference that the PM lent his name has a great hole in it. The PM will see the lower British officials misrepresented the case of Somaliland and did not give it the weight that it was due. The World will ask themselves who is that who did not come. The answer readily comes to our advantage. The entire international friends and journalist supporter that we gathered in these twenty years will fill the void. Look who is not being accommodated here? The most peaceful, the most stable, the most democratic, the only people that defeated Shabaab, the only people those Pirates are afraid of, the best is missing. Only then will our demands be listened to. That is the way we should play the game.